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In addition to serving delicious food, Mermaids Bistro also hosts a variety of events.

From corporate events to weddings, anniversaries, graduations, and family reunions, we’re equipped to make your special occasion a memorable one.

Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional service and creating an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

Contact us to learn more about hosting your next event at Mermaids Bistro at Bumpus Marina.

  • Corporate Events
  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Graduations
  • Family Reunions

corporate events

Mermaids Bistro at Bumpus Marina is a great place to host business parties and treat employees to a fun night out.

The bistro offers a unique and relaxing atmosphere that is perfect for hosting corporate events, such as holiday parties, team-building activities, or business meetings.

Mermaids Bistr is also an excellent venue for hosting holiday parties and business dinners in addition to business parties and team-building activities.

The venue offers a refreshing and peaceful setting that can help employees unwind and recharge.

The bistro also offers live music on selected nights, making it an exciting place to enjoy a night out with colleagues or employees.

Live music events can provide an engaging and entertaining way to build team morale and foster a positive company culture.

Overall, Mermaids Bistro at Bumpus Marina is an excellent venue for hosting a wide range of events, including business parties and team-building activities. With its lakeside location, live music, and delicious catering options.

The bistro is sure to provide a memorable and enjoyable experience for employees and colleagues alike.

Lakeside Wedding RECEPTION & Family Reunion

Mermaids Bistro is a beautiful venue for any special occasion, including lakeside weddings and family reunions.

The stunning views of the lake and surrounding countryside make it an ideal location for those who want to celebrate their special day in a picturesque setting.

Despite not having an indoor event space, Mermaids Bistro’s outdoor space is incredibly versatile and perfect for hosting lakeside weddings and family reunions.

The bistro’s outdoor patio provides a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for guests.

The patio is spacious and can accommodate larger groups of people, making it an excellent location for hosting a family reunion.

Overall, Mermaids Bistro at Bumpus Marina is an ideal venue for outdoor lakeside weddings and family reunions.

It is sure to create unforgettable memories for guests of all ages with its stunning location, exceptional event facilities, and delicious catering services.


Bumpus Marina is not only a great location for hosting events such as weddings, family reunions, and corporate events, but it is also an ideal venue for hosting graduation dinners or baccalaureate parties.

The marina’s tranquil lakeside location, combined with its picturesque outdoor patio at Mermaids Bistro, creates an idyllic setting for a memorable graduation celebration.

Guests can enjoy stunning views of the lake while indulging in the bistro’s delicious cuisine and drinks.

In addition to hosting a graduation dinner, Bumpus Marina is also an excellent location for a pontoon getaway.

The marina offers pontoon rentals, which allow guests to explore the beautiful lake, soak up the sun, and relax with loved ones.

A pontoon ride on the lake is the perfect way to celebrate a graduation or simply enjoy a day on the water with family and friends.

Bumpus Marina’s tranquil location, friendly staff, and excellent amenities make it an ideal location for hosting a memorable graduation celebration or baccalaureate party.

Marina has something for everyone to enjoy, whether you want to treat your loved ones to a pontoon getaway or a delicious dinner at Mermaids Bistro.


Bumpus Marina not only provides a picturesque location and an excellent venue for hosting events.

They also offer a variety of watercraft rentals, such as pontoon boats, kayaks, and paddle boards.

These watercraft rentals are ideal for adding an extra element of fun and adventure to any event.

Bumpus Marina’s watercraft rentals provide an excellent opportunity to get out on the water, explore the lake, and create unforgettable memories.

For those seeking a more leisurely experience, pontoon boats are a great way to relax and take in the scenic views of the lake.

On the other hand, for those seeking a more adventurous experience, kayaks, and paddle boards are great for exploring the lake and getting some exercise.

The marina’s watercraft rentals are available to rent for any event or occasion, making it an excellent way to add excitement and fun to your event.

Bumpus Marina offers flexible rental options to suit your needs whether you want to rent a watercraft for a half day or for the entire day.

Make sure to check out Bumpus Marina’s watercraft rental options for a memorable experience whether you’re hosting a wedding, a family reunion, a corporate event, or any other occasion.

The watercraft rentals provide an excellent opportunity to explore the lake and have a great time with your family, friends, or colleagues during any event.

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Bumpus Marina is known for its peaceful lifestyle and offers a wide range of outdoor activities.

Fitness lovers and outdoor enthusiasts revel in Bumpus Marina’s easy access to the lake, making it the leading recreational hub for on-the-water activities.

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